Aki no Matsuri 2022 // Mehrzweckanlage Teuchelweiher


About the event

Event name: Aki no Matsuri
Location: Mehrzweckanlage Teuchelweiher
Website: https://www.akinomatsuri.ch/ (Only available in German.)

Information: Aki no Matsuri is a small convention held in Winterthur, Switzerland in early October. With a market, Japanese food, cosplay events, workshops, video games and music the event aims to target every type of Japan-fan for three days of fun and celebration of Japanese culture.


About the photos

Country: Switzerland
City: Winterthur
Location: Mehrzweckanlage Teuchelweiher
Date: October 7, 8 & 9 2022
Title: Aki no Matsuri 2022 // Mehrzweckanlage Teuchelweiher
Camera model: Sony Alpha A67 + Tamron 70-300mm / Canon EOS 200D

Additional notes: The photos you’ll see here were taken over the three days the event was held, covering not only the market and other activities, but also the musical performance of KOHEI, a Japanese artist who is based in Switzerland.
For the live photos of the performances of Alpha999 and Zeke Deux, please click on the artist names to be redirected to their own pages.


Aki no Matsuri 2022 // Mehrzweckanlage Teuchelweiher

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